Spare Parts Management

Supply services for effective spare parts management and equipment availability

  • Effective spare parts management to minimise possible plant downtime

  • Fast field replacement with recommended spare parts

  • Local spare parts supply and stock at customer’s site and/or stock management at local KROHNE service organisation

At a glance

  • Identification and evaluation of all spare part needs
  • Supply of appropriate spare parts and consumables for all KROHNE products
  • Replenishments for stock items of flow, level, pressure, temperature and process analytics
  • Provision of KROHNE approved parts and consumables

Your challenge

Minimizing any downtime involves many facets of operational management, one of which is to have spares available where and when you need them.

Our service

This is why KROHNE pays special attention to the implementation of a good spare parts management on customer sites. With detailed knowledge of the customer’s systems, identifying its critical components and with the consideration of the mean time before failure and potential lead times for those components, KROHNE will recommend stock inventory to ensure timely availability spares for unplanned repairs, start-ups and commissioning of new equipment.

The KROHNE Spare Parts Management services ensure direct availability of critical spare parts with the most effective maintenance workflows in mind. In this way, our service helps customers speed up necessary maintenance activities and keep up production and plant uptime while minimising inventory costs by avoiding excess spare parts inventory.

Your added value

  • Cost-effective and hassle-free spare parts management
  • Plant downtime and production losses minimised
  • Peace of mind of spare parts availability
  • Direct availability without delay
  • Reduced inventory costs: only inventory spare parts on stock that are really needed

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