Expert support helpdesk

2ⁿᵈ level support for technical assistance

  • Direct line to a KROHNE product expert

  • Problem-solving expertise for remote support via phone

  • Professional exchange over a wide range of technical issues possible

At a glance

  • 2nd level support for a wide range of technical questions
  • Based on a defined KROHNE Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Your challenge

Reliable customer service is a high priority at KROHNE. This not only applies to the quality of our services, but also starts with availability and problem-solving expertise. Pragmatic and cost-effective solutions are required in the interest of the customer, especially in the case of technical problems and specialist questions that go beyond the customer's user knowledge, but do not necessarily require a service call.

Our service

That’s why KROHNE offers the Expert Helpdesk so that customers can quickly obtain the specialist knowledge they need to solve their problems. This service offers comprehensive 2nd level support for all specialised customer queries that could not be conclusively answered by 1st level support. By having a direct line to a KROHNE measurement technology expert, customers can have device-specifiic questions answered professionally.

Our trained specialists generally have extensive technical knowledge and a great deal of practical experience, enabling them to solve technical challenges relating to the use and operation of our process instrumentation quickly and to the customer's satisfaction over the phone. The professional exchange helps customers benefit from extending their own technical knowledge, saves the costs of external service calls and contributes to an efficient problem-solving.

Your added value

  • Solve your technical issues efficiently without on-site service
  • Save time and costs utilising the KROHNE technical expert knowledge
  • A dedicated team of product specialists at your disposal
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